Parenting is a difficult task and so is working. Imagine what it would be like if these two had to be managed simultaneously. It undoubtedly becomes very difficult and sometimes very hard to manage but if it’s something which needs to be done then do it in a way that you have to make a minimal compromise in the upbringing of your children.

Know Your Priority

If you have children, you must know that you hold a great deal of responsibility from the day you brought another life into this world. You are their guardian and the duty to fulfill all their requirements both emotional and physical lies on your shoulders. You must also realize that you are no longer free to think of yourself only, you have lives linked with yours and before taking any decision in your life, you need to consider its effects on yourself and those on your children. Your job should be something you are passionate about but when it comes to choosing between your job and your children, KNOW that your children are your priority.

Make Time for Them No Matter What

Your children require your time more than they require your money. Make sure that you are there for them in times of need. You should be there at each and every significant moment of their lives no matter how hard it is for you to cut down on your working hours. You need to work that is something they should understand but your son needs you to be there at his final football game and your little daughter wants you to come to her dance performance, that’s something that you should understand.
Working mothers are supposed to cook their children meals at home every once in a while just like working dads are supposed to drive their children around every now and then. Despite the fact that your day was busy and tiring and by the end of the day you have all your energy drained but make sure that at the dinner table you all sit together and you listen to EVERYTHING be it lame or smart, that your children have to say about how their day went. Always make such an impression on them that you are the people who are most interested in their lives.

Never Take Out Your Frustration on Your Children

Working parents have hectic lives. They have to manage job and home at the same time and that can exhaust them quite often. They are humans too and so they also get frustrated at times. It is very hard to keep yourself from fighting with each other or scolding your kids for the smallest of reasons but that is what you are supposed to do as good parents. Never shout at your children and never fight with each other before them and most importantly never make them feel as objects you love taking all your frustration out on.