Benefits of Choosing Wooden Toys

toddlers playing as a team

When it comes to buying toys for children, there is a vast choice of products available.
One of the most common materials from which modern toys are produced is plastic. However, there are many benefits to choosing wooden toys as an alternative.


a dog made of wood

Toys made from wood are often of better quality than their counterparts produced using plastics. It means they are a particularly good choice if you are buying the toys as a gift. Many wood products are handcrafted, but even those that are machine manufactured are still better quality than most plastic toys.

Timeless Appeal

Toys often follow trends and come in and out of fashion. However, wooden toys have a timeless quality about them. If a toy is made from wood, it is usually something that you can pass from one generation to the next and the toy will still appeal regardless of the latest fads.


What each person finds aesthetically pleasing comes down to personal preference but, in most cases, toys crafted from wood are usually beautiful pieces. Larger toys, such as a rocking horse or a dollhouse, can even make an interesting feature in your child’s bedroom rather than simply clutter that is confined to the toybox.


One of the major benefits of using wood as a material to create toys is that it is durable. A problem that many parents experience when buying their children plastic toys is they are easily damaged or broken. If you opt for toys made from wood instead, you will not have this issue. Wood is unlikely to snap in the way that plastic does. It means that the toy will last for many years despite regular rough play. This can save parent money in the long-run as they do not have to replace toys regularly.


Plastic toys that break are a common safety concern for parents.

Once the toy is broken, a sharp edge is often exposed. Parents then must dispose of the toy to prevent their child hurting themselves. A parent does not have this worry when their child is playing with a wooden toy. As it is less likely to break and will not have sharp edges, there is no risk posed to the child.

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Encouraging Imagination and Interaction

Many plastic toys have added extras, such as sounds, working parts and buttons. While these have educational value, they do not necessarily encourage your child to use their imagination.

Wood-crafted items can get your child to imagine how they will play with the pieces and create their scenarios with the toys by adding voices, devising situations and interacting with each piece in a different way. Good examples of toys that encourage this type of role play are tools, food, dollhouse furniture and animals that are made from wood.

These examples show that there are many benefits to choosing wooden toys instead of plastic toys. While a plastic toy may seem the obvious choice when you are buying new toys, toys made using wood are more durable, safer, better quality, attractive, timeless and encourage your child to play in a different way.